Monday, October 26, 2009

We love Mathilda's Market!

Tell us a little bit about Mathilda's Market?
Mathilda's Market sells beautiful handcrafted & limited production baby and kids stuff – clothes, toys, accessories, bedroom decorations, etc. Our wares are made by Australia’s most talented crafters and designers – many of them Mums running small businesses. The Market is a haven for people wanting to stylishly dress their children or decorate their kids’ home environment, and are seeking an alternative to mass produced, chain store items. Most of our sellers don’t have a shop front, so you’re likely to find something really unique. Mathilda’s Markets are held three times a year in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra, with our next round of Markets VERY soon – November, infact! (Next year we’re coming to Hobart and Adelaide too).

When/Why did you start the market?
I founded the Baby & Kids Market in 2003, which is all about great quality, pre-loved baby & kids goods. I was constantly being approached by creators wanting to sell the gorgeous things they’d made. I thought, “this is crazy – I have to create a Market JUST for handmade baby & kids items – there are too many beautiful things being produced and nowhere to show them off!” I held the first Mathilda’s Market in Melbourne in late 2007, and soon we expanded to other cities.

What is the favourite part about running the market?
Coming face-to-face with our stallholders, admiring an item they’ve made, asking them what inspired them to create it, and seeing them respond with such passion and delight about what they do. It’s just fabulous, and it makes ME love this job even more! I’m also really proud that some stallholders started small with a stall at Mathilda’s and are now stocked in various retail outlets. The other favourite part is scouting for stunning venues in which to hold our Markets.

Why do you love handmade so much?
Nothing beats handmade. Handmade things tell a story that mass produced items just don’t. I love that people put their heart and soul into crafting a handmade item, and that it’s likely to be, if not completely unique, then certainly that little bit special. I also love the little imperfections you see in handmade things that remind you it didn’t come off an assembly line, but was made by a real life, flesh-and-blood person! Oh, and it’s so fun to watch the way people’s eyes light up when they receive something crafted by someone else. So many things to love!

Name 5 reason why your visitors should attend your market?
- You won’t find more beautiful things for babies and kids under the one roof ANYWHERE!
- We carefully handpick our stallholders to give shoppers a wonderful mix of products. You’ll find everything from hairclips to girls’ summer frocks to jewellery to boy’s shirts to bedroom wall decals – and everything in between
- It caters for all budgets, big and small
- It’s a very pleasurable way to start your 2009 Christmas shopping for the kids
- You can buy something at Mathilda’s Market and know that it’s of the highest quality, and that not everyone you pass in the street will have one just like it!

November 2009 Market Dates


• 1 November 2009 - St Ignatius College Riverview, Lane Cove
• From 9am to 1pm, plenty of free parking on the College grounds. Free entry.


• 1 November 2009 - Brisbane City Hall, B/w Adelaide & Ann St, King George Square, Brisbane City
• From 9am to 1pm, parking is available under the City hall (fees apply). Free entry.

• 8 November 2009 - Oasis Leisure Centre, Progress Way, Belmont
• From 9am to 1pm, plenty of free parking available around the Leisure Centre. Free entry.

• 15 November 2009 - Manuka Oval (Bradman Room), Manuka Circle, Griffith
• From 10am to 2pm, plenty of free parking available. Free entry.

• 22 November 2009 - Hawthorn Town Hall, 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
• From 9am to 1pm, plenty of free parking at the back of the Town Hall. Free entry.

For more information on Mathilda's Market please visit

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