Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bec showcases her recent purchases!

Ever wondered what I buy from madeit... well here is a few of my recent purchases. I started madeit because of my love for handmade and visiting the markets. Now I get to shop for handmade everyday on madeit!

Bec xoxo


  1. I love that feather painting. I also look forward to seeing the coasters, and is that an earring holder? I haven't seen that before! Maybe I should become a kleptomaniac and start stealing stuff from your house!Surely you wouldnt notice that painting missing from your wall.....


  2. No I wont notice the painting missing!

    The jewelley stand is on it's way, it will look good with my new bedroom suite (Australian made of course) which is due to arrive in a couple of weeks.

    I re-pierced my ears today so I'm spending my whole day in the earring category... I mean in my lunch hour!

  3. I love your taste in stuff Bec, I could easily have all those goodies! Great post, really enjoyed seeing what you like to buy :)

  4. There's some awesome goodies you've got there! I've been eyeing one of those jewellery stands for ages - must get one.

  5. Great buys that a snowfawn clock I see there - oh it is, bought one for my daughter last year - gorgeous. Those chalk labels a a great idea and love the little silver heart earrings. Ooh love the handbag.
    Think I have a new fave in 'Roller Coasters'too...spending spree coming up.

  6. loving these goodies - the clock and the chalkboard labels are fab!
    if these are anything to go by, am really excited for your picks on the front page when that starts!

  7. Thanks ladies, I love buying from madeit. I also love picking the newsletter and yes Emma I can't wait to start picking the items for the front page.

    25 days till I start picking the front page items!! Bring on 17th June...


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