Friday, November 6, 2009

Brisbane's unique shopping experience is here!

Tell us a little bit about the Boutique Markets?
The Boutique Markets offers savvy shoppers a unique shopping experience by combining boutique shopping in a market atmosphere. The Boutique Markets located at the exclusive riverfront shopping and dining precinct of Portside Wharf in Hamilton, Brisbane, is held on the second Sunday of every month from 8am to 1pm. (Breaking news….revised hours for 2010…9am to 3pm!!)

Since its inception in 2007 the market has grown in profile and size to become a hub of local creative talent and hosts the work of more than 60 South East QLD -based stallholders including artists, designers, stylists, crafters and artisans. The market aims to promote and cultivate emerging local talent by offering a forum to promote and sell their work to the public.

When/why did you start Boutique Markets?

Boutique markets started in June 2009 but have been a work in progress for several years. The original inspiration came from Rachael and Leasl as artisans themselves and their respect for that fact that a handmade item takes time and great effort from concept to evolution.

Our research identified that many retailers felt devalued at markets by the abundance of cheaper, imported products and often couldn’t compete in price. Many customers were searching for good quality handmade items but were sick of sifting through everything else just to find them. Our market grew from the concept that if we could provide a platform and avenue for our designers to showcase their products alongside other handmade designers, that together we could nurture their business and broaden their ability to flourish within the marketplace. Our customers have embraced this, and love the opportunity to chat with the designer.

That initial dream has since developed into what is now Boutique Markets, and with Kerry joining the team, has now become more than just a marketplace, but a business and partner to our retailers as small businesses themselves. We provide additional support through our additional services introduced to provide the support and skills to grow each retailer to realise and achieve or just support their own business dreams.

We believe we have found our niche as business owners and for the Boutique Markets and are travelling on a path that is leading us to bigger and better opportunities.

What is the favourite part about running the market?

We love being there on market day…for us all of our hard work is done prior to market day itself (except for setup) and we get to chat with the retailers and customers and be there to support them in any way needed. We have contemplated whether we would not be there and it is not an option for us…we could not imagine being at home and wondering what was happening at “our” market place!

We have the opportunity to witness the huge range of talented people and how amazingly creative our local crafters truly are and get to see them evolve and prosper at various levels of their business. We love to see that look on a retailers face when someone buys one of their products. Almost a look of shock, of glee, of sheer happiness for the hours they spent in the middle of the night creating it! It makes it all worth it!

Why do you love handmade so much?

Handmade for us used to mean grandma’s knitted jumpers or crochet doilies. Handmade today is the gorgeous combination of contemporary design and old age tradition. It takes you back to grass roots. An individual starts with a dream or idea. They then take a risk and take the scary step of designing and creating a product. And then put themselves out there for all to see. It takes courage and strength to go through the process and at the marketplace we and the customers get to see, meet and talk with the designer that made the journey. It has a personal touch and is made with a developed creative process that takes time and precision, and we have a huge respect for that process.

Name 5 reasons why your visitors should attend your market?

Comprehensive range unique designers, crafters and artisans
Quality products and fantastic range ….the dilemma is not when to spend but when to stop!
Total experience – market shopping, retail shopping, dining, entertainment and atmosphere.
Centrally located and easily accessible from everywhere in Brisbane with free and ample parking
The biggest range of handmade products in Brisbane, (and the best range of Xmas gift ideas!)


The Boutique Markets is held every second Sunday. For more information visit

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