Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Market we Love :: The Wollongong Art & Design Market

Tell us a little bit about your market?
The Wollongong Art & Design Market is unlike any other in Wollongong as it provides both emerging and established independent Australian artists and designers an opportunity to showcase and sell their handmade work in the Illawarra at a professional yet fun market. The next market is on Sunday 18th September 2011 at Pioneer Hall (84 Church St Wollongong - on MacCabe Park) from 11am - 4pm. We will also be holding another market on Sunday 27th November 2011.

When/why did you start your market?
We started this market in December last year - just before Christmas as a special event. We both were frustrated with the lack of options for us - and other creative people - to sell our handmade work locally. We also felt that Wollongong deserved a lovely event that promoted the talents of Australian designers. We suspected there would be a lot of people in the Illawarra who would be keen to attend and support the event - and so far we have been right!

What is the favourite part about running your market?
Meeting so many wonderful people. The handmade community is really a special thing to be a part of and we always get a warm feeling inside from the support and enthusiasm offered by the makers and our customers.

Why do you love handmade?
We love handmade so much because it has a soul, it has heart and it always has a story behind it. We love that handmade pieces have quirks, sometimes resulting from happy accidents and will often be a one-off thing. It's all about individuality and supporting creativity.

Name 5 reason why your visitors should attend your market?
Inspiration, fun, individuality, gifts, community

Next market: Sunday 18th September
Visit facebook.com/artdesignmarket for more details.

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