Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Promote your madeit store!

Below are a few tips to promote your madeit store as well as some great tips from one of our sellers.

Talk the talk
Tell friends & family about your craft, word of mouth is the best form of advertising.
 Send your family and friends an email with a short description of your label, a couple of low resolution pics and a link to your madeit store. Kindly ask them to forward this onto family and friends and so on.

Small cards go a long way
Order or print out business cards with your logo/label name and your madeit shop url. Hand them out to potential customers, friends or strangers.

Include daily
Add your madeit shop url to your email signature. Simple but effective. Your direct shop url is

Share your craft
Start a blog - blogs are a great way of promoting your work & store. For more information on blogging visit whip up. Become regular visitors of other blogs and post comments. Add your madeit url to your blog so buyers can click straight to your shop. Madeit web badges can also be found here.

Be Social Part 1
Start a facebook page for your business and post updates. When you post updates ask your friends to post it on their page. Add your facebook page link to your website, blog & madeit profile.

Be Social Part 2
Join twitter & post updates. You can use the "share" feature on your listing and store front to post straight to twitter & facebook. Add your twitter link to your website, blog & madeit profile. Become a friend of madeit as we love to forward sellers tweets.

Spread the news
Start a newsletter for your existing customers, keep an email list of your customers. If you go to the markets, have an email list form where visitors can register for your newsletter.

Be descriptive

Use as many descriptive words as possible in your madeit listings. You can simply list words that refer to your listing at the bottom this way you'll appear in as many searches as possible. Don't forget to add plenty of details about your product in your listing.

Take great photos
Having clear photos will help you sell your product.
• Try photographing them on a plain background, this way your product stands out and the background isn't distracting from your wonderful handmade product.
• Take a few pictures from different angles or a detailed shot.
• Try not to use a flash, natural light is best to show off your products & wares.
• Set up a dedicated photography area and test what works best for your product, take note of the time of day this way you'll get the same result every time.


  1. Thanks for the tips Bec! There are a few there I hadn't thought of xox

  2. Some great tips there - a couple I hadn't even considered! Thanks for a great article!
    Dee - BabyGalah

  3. How do I add my madeit store to my fb page?
    thanks, Billie the Kid


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