Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Website: Daydream a little Lily

Tell us a little bit about your website?
Daydream Lily is a mix of art, photography, handmade, vintage and a touch of fashion all with a dreamy romantic aesthetic. My original about section read "indie art : handmade jewellery : vintage finds and other pretty things" its evolved a little since then to include photography and creative homes.

when/why did you open your website?
I started Daydream Lily in 2007, I think I only had 10 readers for the first 6 months. Id just finished uni and started my first full time professional job. I was going to work then coming home and that was it. I felt I wasn't being creative anymore and wanted to connect with other creative types. My sister - Bec Winnel - was back studying art so I guess we helped each and both started our online ventures together. We started with myspace then went to blogging.

What is the favourite part about running your website?
All the people I've gotten to meet through it, whether online or in real life. The blogging and handmade community is so supportive, you dont really understand till your part of it. Also I love all the artists work that I get to share, its great to be able to promote and support independent designers.

Why do you love handmade so much?
The uniqueness, I actually get really excited coming across a new indie designer or artist. Getting to connect with the actual designer and know your money is going straight to them brings me back to buying handmade over mass produced.

Name 5 reason why your visitors keep coming back to your website?
This is a hard one, I ask myself this too.. perhaps its,
1. frequent updates - I post daily.
2. unique original finds - whether it be photographers or handmade.
3. I spend alot of time surfing the internet finding the most beautiful and inspiring things so you dont have to
4. apparently I have an "eye" for good finds (some readers have told me this)
5. the occasional giveaway - these always seem to draw the readers in.

Visit the Daydream Lily website for your daily picturesque adventure.

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  1. Liss's blog is my absolute favourite! She always has something inspiring to share.


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