Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Retail Store We Love :: Making Spaces Marketplace

Tell us a little bit about your store
Making Spaces Marketplace is a boutique style space - part retail store, part market - in the heart of the Parramatta CBD. Its purpose is to give designers a unique opportunity to display and sell their own products on a temporary basis and to provide a venue where lovers of handmade can purchase in one convenient location.

When/why did you open your store?
Our store opened just last week, on the 20th July! Our philosophy, and the reason we opened it, is based on the idea of "makers helping makers" and our aim is to generate continued support of each other within the handmade community and promote our work to the wider community at the same time.

Making Spaces Marketplace is a project developed under the Pop Up Parramatta initiative in conjunction with Arts NSW that is focused on injecting creative enterprise and creative infrastructure into unused buildings and spaces.

What labels designers do you stock in your store?
So many wonderful designers are represented here! We have lots of Made It businesses such as The Twin Thing, Creative Wishes and Billy Mac Clothing. There's also some established brands such as Xavier and me, benconservato and Jenna Appleton and some exciting up and comers such as Muzz and by katy. A listing and images of all of the designers in Making Spaces can be found on our blog makingspacesmarketplace.blogspot.com

Why do you love handmade so much?
What’s not to love? It's what we do! We are passionate about non mass produced products, indie designers and the handmade community. We know handmade as producers and as consumers and are huge advocates of it being a way of life.

Name 5 feelings that your customers will feel when they enter your store.
Intrigued, fascinated, welcome, happy, delighted.

Opening Hours
10am - 4pm, Wednesday - Friday
9.30am - 3.30pm, Saturday

Shop 17, Greenway Plaza
222 Church St, Parramatta.

Visit blog for more info makingspacesmarketplace.blogspot.com


  1. Hi Bec..thanks for featuring my 'purple paisley pair' of cushions on the front page of 'madeit' today!

  2. The two K's have done a fabulous job setting this up. It looks great, they are super-friendly people and I hope it goes really well for them.


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