Friday, July 29, 2011

Why the postman loves me...

Yes you guessed it - the postman & I are on first name basis and I must confess he makes a couple of trips to my house every week (sometimes more). Below are my recent purchases from, click on the photo to visit the sellers store.

Have a great weekend!
Bec xx


  1. You've purchased from two of my fav madeit sellers - here we go loopy lou and another donkey design! Jxx

  2. Bec, you have great taste, some fabulous items here, feel very special you bought some of my cards. Melinda.

  3. I'm a big fan of Lyptis! Good choices : )

  4. love the jumper in the first photo!

  5. Bec i love all these bits and pieces x so cute, I dont know I think all women just love bits and things dont you xx glad to see your feeling better x have a great weekend xx A

  6. All gorgeous but LOVE the first top.

  7. Lovely items Bec. You've been on a bit of a shopping spree, nice. Thanks for featuring my jumper and my dress.

  8. Hi Bec,
    Great blog post. Loving the items that you have bought recently, particularly love the jumper from lyptis!
    I feel very honoured that you chose to shop at Daisy & Mister, so thanks again for your business and support.


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