Friday, July 29, 2011

Why the postman loves me...

Yes you guessed it - the postman & I are on first name basis and I must confess he makes a couple of trips to my house every week (sometimes more). Below are my recent purchases from, click on the photo to visit the sellers store.

Have a great weekend!
Bec xx

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Madeit on Tour!

Yes, we are taking madeit on a road tour!

First stop will be Canberra Handmade Market on the 1st & 2nd of October and Perth Upmarket on the 27th November. We are very excited about promoting madeit at Canberra Handmade & Perth Upmarket and ask that all our members come down and say hi and check out the great designers at each of the markets.

Madeit & Canberra Handmade & Perth Upmarket have formed a great partnership over the last couple of years, together promoting Australian handmade and it will great to finally visit both markets.

We will be releasing more dates of the 'madeit tour' soon as we hope to attend events in other states this year too.

For more information on Canberra Handmade Market visit
For more information on Perth Upmarket visit

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Retail Store We Love :: Making Spaces Marketplace

Tell us a little bit about your store
Making Spaces Marketplace is a boutique style space - part retail store, part market - in the heart of the Parramatta CBD. Its purpose is to give designers a unique opportunity to display and sell their own products on a temporary basis and to provide a venue where lovers of handmade can purchase in one convenient location.

When/why did you open your store?
Our store opened just last week, on the 20th July! Our philosophy, and the reason we opened it, is based on the idea of "makers helping makers" and our aim is to generate continued support of each other within the handmade community and promote our work to the wider community at the same time.

Making Spaces Marketplace is a project developed under the Pop Up Parramatta initiative in conjunction with Arts NSW that is focused on injecting creative enterprise and creative infrastructure into unused buildings and spaces.

What labels designers do you stock in your store?
So many wonderful designers are represented here! We have lots of Made It businesses such as The Twin Thing, Creative Wishes and Billy Mac Clothing. There's also some established brands such as Xavier and me, benconservato and Jenna Appleton and some exciting up and comers such as Muzz and by katy. A listing and images of all of the designers in Making Spaces can be found on our blog

Why do you love handmade so much?
What’s not to love? It's what we do! We are passionate about non mass produced products, indie designers and the handmade community. We know handmade as producers and as consumers and are huge advocates of it being a way of life.

Name 5 feelings that your customers will feel when they enter your store.
Intrigued, fascinated, welcome, happy, delighted.

Opening Hours
10am - 4pm, Wednesday - Friday
9.30am - 3.30pm, Saturday

Shop 17, Greenway Plaza
222 Church St, Parramatta.

Visit blog for more info

Monday, July 25, 2011

madeit new seller quick five :: Belinda Morris

madeit new seller quick five :: Belinda Morris

How did you find about madeit?

I have been researching the online handmade scene for a little while now - looking at lots of other designers, magazines and market goers to get a feel for which site I should list on. Lots of helpful souls told me that Madeit was the way to go... so here I am.

Explain your style
I definitely love a bit of a vintage feel. All that style, glamour and playfulness of bygone eras is really appealing to me. I love cloths and accessories that are soft and feminine, but with a twist. I like my cloths to be a bit of a personal expression and not the standard off the rack look and love a handbag that makes a statement all on its own.

What makes you happy?
So many is hard to pick out the best ones, but definitely watching my children when they are happily engrossed in an imaginary world or wrestling with my partner, creating a new piece and bringing it out for the final viewing, cups of coffee with my girlfriends, being at the beach, a great breakfast at a great cafe with great friends, trivia at the local pub, playing basketball etc, etc, etc

What makes you sad?
That human beings can be so lacking in compassion that they do not realise what they are doing to hurt other human beings and the inequality that exists in the world and that human beings can be so ignorant they do not realise what destruction we are wreaking on our planet.

What can't you live without?
Definitely coffee first thing in the morning, my family, my Mum and trying my hardest to be creative.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Madeit & our lovely members raised $2,575 for Red Nose Day

What a wonderful achievement by our madiet members - together we raised $2,575 for Red Nose Day. We were also the No.1 team fundraiser - Yay! Thank you to all that donated, you can see those who donated here.

A special thanks also to the madeit sellers who auctioned off items for the fundraiser. Loopty Loop auctioned off a clip pack and raised $70, Bliss Clips also auctioned off a clip pack and raised $110 and Georgie Girl auctioned off a dress & two pairs of ruffles and raised $440.

Next year I hope to be more organised so more madeit sellers can be involved, who knows maybe a red theme item drive. Thanks again for all your support, it means the world to Jayc & I. Love Bec xx

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sellers Tips: Writing a good title/description to maximise your item being found via the search function.

Madeit and our buyers use the search bar to search for items - this is done by searching keywords that relate to the product.

In fact the search page is the highest viewed page on so it's important you write good titles & descriptions, as you may be missing out on possible sales & promotion.

The search bar is found on the left hand side of the website and we give the option to search the Title or Title & Description. So both your Title & Description is a very important marketing tool for your store.

Why is your item title & description important?
To increase buyers finding your item via the search field
To increase your items being found by madeit for features on the front page & newsletter.

How to write a good title?
• The most important thing to remember is to include as many descriptive keywords about your item in the title as possible.
• Your title doesn't have to be a compressive sentence
• Repeat the type of item (ie Dress, Coaster, Eco friendly)
• Include the size

How to write a good description?
• Again just like your title you should include as many descriptive keywords as possible that relate to your item. Think in your buyer’s shoes… If you were looking for an item like yours what words would you use to search for this product?

• It is also important to explain your item & the possible uses,
• Include the material used and include clear dimension or size information.
• If there a story behind your item, then it might be worth including this as it may appeal to your buyer.
• If your item requires special care, include the instructions so that the buyer is aware before buying.

Examples of keywords to include
• If your item is a blue include blue in your title & description.
• If your item is made with fabric that is a bird pattern include bird in your title & description
• If you item suits a particular person for example Dad include Dad in your title & description

I (Bec) use keywords to search for items for the Wednesday newsletter & front page. A few of my recent searches have been owl, tree, yellow, and heart. If your item is related to one of these searches and you don't include this word in your title & description then you may miss out on the opportunity to be featured!

What shouldn't you do?
Copy another sellers or website title & description. It is really important to put the effort into writing your own descriptions as you know your product the best and also other sellers has taken the time to describe their item and you should too.

Do not include external website in your descriptions or banner, you can however include your facebook, twitter & blog if you link back to your madeit store. If external web addresses are included in your descriptions or banner then you may be excluded from promotion of your products in our newsletters, blog interviews and spotlight interviews.

Monday, July 11, 2011

madeit new seller quick five :: Willow Tree Cards

madeit new seller quick five :: Willow Tree Cards

How did you find about madeit?

From it's American equivalent. I thought, Australia must have something like this - so I googled and here we are!

Explain your style
I love natural shapes, lines and fabrics. Hand drawn, simple items with an element of quirkiness. I also really love things that are inspired by nature. I'm not a fan of "fussy" styles that are heavily floral or embellished.

What makes you happy?
Hearing my 2 year old sing the "Play School" song over the baby monitor and watching her (messily) explore her own creativity. That feeling when you drive out of your driveway about to go somewhere that you've been looking forward to going. When bedtime has arrived and you can start creating without an insistent hand tugging at your arm and when you come home from somewhere fun to find your darling husband has done the housework!

What makes you sad?
Children whose parents have the means to look after them properly and decide not to. Children whose parents can't look after them properly because they don't have the mental or physical means and children who lose their families in tragedy. I feel that children should be cherished, nourished and taught how to be independent and secure in themselves - that starts at home.

What can't you live without?
Time. Time to play with my daughter, Willow. Time to be with my husband by ourselves, time to make memories as a family and time to be creative on my own. Also, good coffee!

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