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craftumi seller quick five :: purple-uni

craftumi quick five :: purple-uni

Tell us a bit about yourself
I’m a 36 year old married Mum of two kids aged 9 and 11.  When I was young my Mum had a craft shop and as an adult I’ve only ever worked in shops that sold craft supplies!!  After my second child was born, I found it very difficult to actually make my own craft items, my daughter always wanted to sit on my lap when I was sewing!!  So I guess it wasn’t too big a surprise when I found myself getting my crafty fix by selling supplies!  It was something that just sort of happened...and I’ve been selling craft supplies ever since.  I love following the trends and seeing all the new items that come out.

How did you find about craftumi?
I had run my own website for many years but what I sold was quite specific.  I really wanted to be able to sell other products and keep working from home but didn’t want to deal with setting up a new site.  So, I was looking into other ways of selling online.  In my research I stumbled over craftumi and haven’t looked back.

What do you sell on craftumi?
I opened my shop earlier this year.  My shop name came from my friends adorable daughter.  Every time they drive past my house she says....’that’s Jacs ouse’!!  I thought that was just too cute, so Jac’s House it was!!  I sell quite a range of things, my favourite are the wooden picture cabochons.  They are just gorgeous!!  I also sell hair accessories, beads, findings and many other little bit and bobs!  I try and add new products regularly as I tend to sell whatever I am currently tinkering with myself!!

What is your favourite craft activity?
I genuinely don’t have a favourite.  I enjoy so many different crafts!! ...sewing, knitting, papercrafts, beading, ceramics, candle making, woodwork.  I just enjoy making things and having fun with new idea’s.  I often don’t finish my larger creations as its really the creative process and tinkering around that I enjoy!  For that reason I tend to stick to small projects and researching new stock!!

What would be your perfect day?
Wow, the options...  I’m not sure, there are so many different things I would try and squeeze in!  I love junk shopping and seeing what treasures i can I guess my perfect day would be to stumble over the best stocked (and cheapest, it has to be a bargain!) junk shop!!  I love old books, fabrics and vintage art or craft supplies!

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