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Seller who Blogs :: splishsplashdesigns

 Seller who Blogs :: splish splash designs
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 Tell us a bit about yourself and what do you sell on madeit?
I’m a busy mum of 2 boys aged 4 & 2. I started sewing for a hobby when I was on maternity leave with my first son and was hooked. Soon, I was sewing things for my son, for my house and for friends until I had no one left to sew for! With a bit of a push from a crafty friend, I booked my first market in 2010 and started sewing in preparation for it. I enjoyed the market so much that I registered my business name and my business was born. I now attend markets and sell online on

I sell superhero capes, plastic bag storage bags, bunting, softies, library bags and hair accessories. I have plans of adding more things to my range throughout the year.

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
I have been blogging for just over 2 years. I started blogging to keep a record of my life, my craft and my boys. I enjoy taking part in swaps with other bloggers and try to do some little challenges for example I’m taking part in a photo a day challenge for January 2012.
I find it so interesting looking back over my blog to see what I was up to.

Do you have any advice for other sellers who are thinking of starting a blog?
Start writing about the things that are happening around you and the things you are making and soon you’ll have lots to say. Participating in challenges helps to break the ice with other bloggers and is a fun way to get into blogging.

What are some of your favourite blogs and why? - I find Chantelle’s blog entertaining, funny and inspirational. - Corrie’s blog is about family, craft and life.  I enjoy reading it every day and love the way she writes - all about Thrifty things. It always amazes me the things that Sophie finds in her travels - Jeanette is a wonderful Graphic Designer and her blog is so lovely

When you aren't blogging or making what do you like to do?
I play trivia once a week at the pub with one of my closest girlfriends. It’s our little weekly night out in the middle of the week and we both look forward to it each week. We’ve gone from coming last to being in the top few teams frequently. We must be getting smarter!

I also spend a lot of time with my children and watching them grow. They keep me entertained and they surprise me by all the wonderful things they say and do.

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