Monday, January 9, 2012

madeit new seller :: ethelanddot

madeit new seller :: ethel and dot

How did you find out about madeit?
I regularly look at a number of blogs as I love to see what other people are making both for themselves and in their businesses and for inspiration with my own sewing.  I also love looking at blogs to keep up with what fabric ranges are currently being designed.  It was through this blog surfing that I first heard about Madeit.

Explain your style.
I love fabric that is fresh, modern and full of beautiful colours.  At the moment, I am particularly enjoying using fabric covered buttons to create simple small items that are practical-  whether it be magnets, hair accessories, wall art or bibs.  In addition to this, I love the challenge of how to best show off the colours, patterns and pictures on the fabric for such small items.

What makes you happy?
I would most definitely have to say my little girl who is 10 months old.  She brings such joy to my husband and I.  I often catch myself during the day just watching and smiling as she explores the world, tries to figure out the whole walking thing, looks inquisitively through books and rolls around on the floor laughing- the list could go on.  It is just amazing to watch her grow and develop, so much has happened and it has only been 10 months!

What makes you sad?
I am hopeless when it comes to watching sad movies.  I even cry when it is a sort of happy moment but still sad- like in Toy Story 3 (I won't give away what happens, but those of you who have seen it will know what I mean), boy did I cry!

What can't you live without?
My Husband and daughter would have to be at the top of my list.  Having said that, I also could not live without my family as I am very close to my Mum and twin sister. With my sister it is like having a permanent best friend.  Oh, and I had better not forget my dog, Stanley.

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