Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Babushka Pincushion Kits

Price: $17.50
Buy: madeit.com.au/HabyG
Time to make: 1-1.5 hours
Clear instructions included: Yes
Additional material needed: NO
Ability: Beginner
Additional research: If you don't have skills in blanket stitching research how to first, we watch this youtube video

What a great little present! At $13.95 this would make a loving gift to a crafty friend or something a mother and daughter could do together in an afternoon.

I must confess to having to use my unpicker, I recommend clicking on the link under additional research before beginning your project. The project was straight forward and easy and the instructions were perfectly simple and well-thought out.

The only trouble I had was fusing the face to the body, possibly my stitching was too heavy on the back, this was easily fixed by applying my new found blanket stitching skills!

Try drawing the face on the back with a pencil first to make this step easier. There was plenty of thread, you could use a double stitch. The fabric is adorable and the packaging is so cute too, spoil yourself and a girlfriend this weekend with some craft...and cake!

keep creating
madeit's project & research gal

To win this made Babushka Pincushion simply leave a comment about your best or worst sewing experience.

If you have a project you would like madeit to feature simple email hello@madeit.com.au the details (include a link to the project)


  1. That Babushka is so sweet! I think my worst sewing experience would be the vinyl-covered placemats I made for my kids. Not only was it the first time I worked with vinyl, I don't have a teflon foot and nearly killed myself and my machine with the constant sticking to the vinyl until I discovered that masking tape or a bit of kitchen paper really help the process!

  2. What a sweet pin cushion design!

    My worst would be when I promised a friend that i'd make some net fly covers for his campervan windows and somehow i got the machine stuck in reverse - so i had to sew everything backwards to get it finished! It was bizarre. :)

  3. I can relate to promising friends things...
    A few years ago, my best friend got married and I promised to make all 5 of her bridesmades multi layered tulle skirts! Never again. Never.

  4. This pin cushion would really come in handy for me!
    My best sewing experience is quite recent. Only having ever used a machine to hem a pair of pants I purchased a pattern to make a pair of baby booties. I surprised myself with my newly found sewing skills and now I have an online shop at madeit (funkymonsters) selling booties and now toddler pants and shorts. Feeling quite proud of myself :)

  5. I have a Russian heritage and would love to add this to my kit!
    I made my son a pair of short, even made him wear them with a good 1.5inches of his nappy hanging out the top. I figured they were a hipster styler. My mother-in-law then pointed out that I have sewn the crutch wrong way. I am now too scared to even attempt pants/shorts in anyway!

  6. Let's just say it involved sealing a chicken inside a duck inside a Turkey with heavy duty kitchen string for thread.

  7. I love the Russian dolls they are so in at the moment and so adorable, I think I would have to hide it from my daughter who would think it is too cute to be a pin cushion and would want it to be a doll for her!
    Worst was when I was 10 and tried to make a lamb from a kit it was far to complicated for me and I gave up, that poor little lamby never got finished.

  8. most of my sewing stories are tragic, am not really a sewer, but i would give this one a try, she is so cute

  9. I was given material to sew on my sons trousers for a drama performance-told to sew it right down.
    I've no idea other than hems/buttons but did my best.
    Took me hours as material was so stretchy - sewed the stripey
    material down each leg.
    When took it back in found out I was to make braces out
    of it-boy did I laugh.
    Babushka would be great as son's girlfriend is Russian.
    Might make up for being so embarrassing.

  10. Thanks for offering such a sweet giveaway. My worst sewing experience was in 1994 just before Christmas. I was finishing off some gifts and was home alone. The desk light with a flourescent tube was going on and off, so I decided to tighten the tube... I thought I turned the light off, but turned off the sewing machine. To cut a long story short, I was electrocuted, and thrown across my sewing room, and somehow managed to hurl the light off my body. I still have the scars on my left thumb showing where the electric current entered and exited my body-to remind me to be more careful these days. Take care and be safe these holidays - don't rush even though you are probably trying to finish your handmade gifts at the last minute!

  11. Thanks to everyone who commented, we loved hearing your stories and will have more projects & giveaways soon.

    Drum-roll.... the winner is
    billy boy & mia

    Machines can be pretty daunting at first, frustrating even, I love that you didn't let this experience put her off sewing.



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