Monday, December 14, 2009

Project: Reversible Diary/Journal Cover

Free online
Time to make:1.5 hours
Clear instructions included: Yes
Additional material needed: Yes
Ability: Beginner

I just love this reversible diary/journal cover project by Australian fabric designer Lara Cameron and if you can only sew a straight line then this journal project is for you!

It's also a great way to use up any itty bitty bits of favorite fabric that you just couldn't bear to throw out. I used this gorgeous piece of fabric from another Australian fabric designer PippiJoe and teamed it up with some off cuts from the sewing shelf. I really enjoyed this project, the instructions were easy and clear to follow and it made a very ordinary diary something special and unique, something I'd love to actually use.

All you'll need is three pieces of fabric, your trusty sewing machine, some paper and an iron for the finishing touch. Follow the instructions precisely, usually I would use a 1cm seam allowance but the instructions recommend 7mm, the finished product was a perfect fit. I made a pattern from some scrap paper but if you feel confident I guess you could mark out the measurements directly onto the back of the fabric.

A couple of things that could be done differently... If you use a schedule everyday and your cover is going to take a beating it would be a good idea to interface the fabric with something light.

The tutorial mentions, "Personally I'd like to find a way to get the corners sharper so they're not so rounded, but I can't seem to poke them out enough. Must be something to do with the way it's all stitched together..." I would suggest not sewing to the very edge of your fabric, stop 7mm short and back stitch, each seam should meet. Before turning your cover inside out trim the corners, making sure not to nick any of the stitching, there will be less fabric left inside thus sharper corners!

Schedule in some sewing, get your 2010 diary covered this weekend and start off the new year in style. The cover won't take you long to make but you'll being enjoying the fruits of your labour for a long time to come and best of all it's reversible so you can change it for a different look next year.

Happy sewing.
madeit's project & research gal

To win this journal cover and 2010 diary simply leave a comment and tell madeit about one of your plans for 2010. It can be personal or business. New Year's Resolutions are out 2010 plans are in!


Don't have time to make this Diary/Journal cover? Check out these options on Click the image to view item.


  1. So inspiring and designer!

    It's my plan to get my website launched in 2010! Hopefully I get get all my creative juices flowing and come up with something amazing!

  2. What great idea! I love reversable anything and I always carry a notebook with me!

  3. Gorgeous Diary :) Love that fabulous fabric and what a great tutuorial!

    oh I have many plans for 2010..look out!
    here's just one of them ;)
    Grow my hair long enough to wear pretty clips in it :D

  4. Love the gorgeous choices of fabric!

    Hmm 2010.. the first thing that comes to mind is to make it a priority to spend more quality time with my beautiful children. Life is going by too way fast and every time I look at them they are changing and growing older.

  5. I spy my W Class Tram diary! Thanks for sharing my goodies, MadeIt!

  6. Oh wow thank-you for the instructions :)

  7. Oh that is adorable!!!

    2010 plans - to have more ME time - spend many long lunches catching up with friends - cherish every moment with my girls before the year flies by & my eldest starts school in 2011 - go on a family holiday hopefully where we need to catch a plane?! - enjoy warm Summer evenings on the deck - or in front of the fire during Winter with my husband!

  8. this is such a great idea, i love reversable things and this is such a good idea for me or as a gift. thank you!

  9. Lovely journal, and thanks for sharing the tutorial for how to make one myself.

    One of my plans for 2010 is to dust off my dream of making a career out of my artistic pursuits. I want my work to be something I love. I want to make it more than just a hobby. It means 2010 is about knuckling down, and doing things that give me a chance of succeeding. So I'm going to be looking at business courses, bookkeeping, reading up on marketing...things that I think are important to making a successful artistic practice in today's world.

  10. the big plan at this point is for 2010 to be the 'year of handmade'...handmade presents for all and sundry and hopefully handmade and repurposed clothes as well (just bought myself a gorgous old sewing machine so no excuses now).

    finding so much inspiration looking at what other people are doing and how something simple like this beautiful journal can be so effective.

  11. Great idea.... Im a teacher, and cant stop thinking how lovely my books would all look on the shelf covered in beautiful fabric.... hmmm
    (brain ticking.... need more free time for this project !! )

  12. In 2010 I will:
    - Go swimming at the beach more
    - Change from blonde to brown
    - Hopefully stop procrastinating
    ... and go to my little brothers wedding in Aotearoa!


    P.S. I also love all things reversible. Once I made a reversible dress, two dresses in one, perfect for traveling!

  13. My 2010 resolution is to get organised. have recently had ADHD diagnosed in our house and structure and organisation is something that helps a lot. we are looking at a major overhaul because it is also my weakness. wish me luck!

  14. Hi, don't include me in the draw, gorgeous cover though! Just a thanks for featuring one of my journals. cheers, Marita

  15. Love the journal cover ... my plan for 2010 is to make enough stock (tutus, etc) and conduct my first market stall ... very excited!!!

  16. Divine, I love it!
    Plans for the new year include finding more time to formulate some plans :)

  17. OMG you dont know how timely your tutorial is ... i have 6 diarys some hand screenprinted fabric and christmas day is apparantly next week ... and until now no idea where to start -thanks .. just what I was looking for ... my new years resolution is to do more selling on - i loaded my shop in late November and have had a fantastic response ... thanks to you - all the marketing is done great to see you advertise in the latest home/design mags ... thanks again and merry christmas to your own hard working team


  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Thank you for all your lovely comments and sharing your plans for 2010.

    Drum roll.... the winner is
    Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love

    It's all about balance - making & spending time with your family & friends is a must & we loved your holiday plans that involved a plane.

    Have a great Christmas & New Year.

  20. Thank YOU!! I look fwd to receiving this adorable diary cover. Merry Christmas X

  21. Great cover! and Blog! My plans for 2010 is to make more and use less


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