Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Handmade Christmas - It's not too late!

Price: Free online
Time to make: 1-1.5 hours
Clear instructions included: Yes
Additional material needed: Yes
Ability: Beginner

If you are looking for a new craft project but think its too late to start something for Christmas? Check out this tutorial - felt christmas ornament!

So easy but possibly addictive, these Christmas decorations will add a personal touch to your tree or make a magical gift for a friend. Be adventurous and use the technique on other shapes, I tried a tear drop which came up great. Aside from the felt I just used bits and pieces from the sewing room and regular thread, add some beads for that extra sparkle.

I picked up the felt for 0.69c/square, following the instructions provided I only got one deco out of one square. The second one I made was smaller but had eight layers, still I only got one deco out of it. In the end I could have tried combining the left overs and possibly squeezing out one other deco.

I used my sewing machine instead of hand stitching, beware of the foot pressure, it moves the pieces! One decoration took about an hour, longer if you add some bling. The instructions advise not to go smaller than 10cm, if you like a smaller ornament on your tree try adding extra layers to make the honey comb more effective.

Merry Christmas creating!
madeit's project & research gal


  1. Very cute! Let's see if I have time to try these - I have 2 felt bird decorations that are half finished at the moment! Should probably get off the computer and finish them then! ;)

  2. So pretty!

    Love your blog...



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