Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wrapped with love! handmade of course...

cost of materials
Time to make: 2 hours per roll of brown paper
Ability: Beginner

Well it's Christmas time and we are carrying the handmade theme right through to the wrapping paper. This is great project to get the kids busy in the week leading up to Christmas. All you need is some brown paper - we bought a 5m roll for $2.95, a stamp (you can make a potato stamp, make a stamp using linocut or buy a ready made stamp from your craft store), paint and some ribbon to finish off your paper.

If you have a large outdoor table you can lie down a protecting sheeting (newspaper or cardboard) and then roll out the paper, as you work down the roll the paint on the starting edge will dry and you can simply roll up the paper and continue on to the end.

This handmade paper is the prefect wrapping paper for my handmade presents and it will add a extra personal touch to your presents.

Best go and wrap some more presents..
xx Bec


  1. Beautifully done! I love the red and silver ribbon.

  2. Great idea ... love the creative personal touch :)

  3. Very sweet, I love brown paper wrapping anyway, and this makes it even more appealing!

  4. That looks great, I love the stamp image, we usually use brown paper, the girls draw their art on it, then make envelopes & gift cards.

  5. I really love the stamp you used!! I got the kids to paint some brown paper for our wrapping paper this year. I cut shapes into a potato and they had a great time! The pressies look so nice all wrapped up :)


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