Thursday, March 10, 2011

craftumi seller quick five :: honey drops

craftumi seller quick five :: honey drops

Tell us a bit about yourself

My Name is Trulie, I live in a Little Country Town called Gracemere about 5mins West of Rockhampton. Through the day (who am I kidding!!!LOL, What ever hours are needed) I work at our family's Petrol/Service Station that seems to be getting bussier by the day! On my One day off, I try to photograph, Count & package as many beads, findings, etc, as I can to make Listing on Craftumi a little easier through the week!

How Did you find out about Craftumi?
Of Course through Madeit, I'd accidentally(LOL!!!) posted some beads & findings on Madeit, Of course, things other than Handmade not being allowed on there, I focused on a different online store for cleaning out my Spare Room, oops, I mean STUDIO!!!
Then one night checking my emails, I'd received an message to say the Brilliant Minds of Madeit had had another awesome idea called Craftumi.

What do you sell on Craftumi?
At the Moment, I'm desperately trying to, not get rid of, more like, trying to find new homes for items that I have way to much of or don't use anymore, & Scrapping that whole sentence, Destash Beads & Jewelry Findings. Once these Items start to run out, I have quiet alot of Vintage Czech & Swarovski Stones, & some Raw Brass Items that I hope Craftumi Customers will Like. Just in the Process of trying to Find good Quality Settings for these Stones.

What is Your Favourite Craft Activity?
Right at this Moment, I'm Loving a newfound friendship with Lampworking (Another Category of Items That I'm Seriously Considering, just to find an extra day!!!LOL) I also enjoy Drawing & Painting, But my main Love is for Making One of a Kind Jewelry Pieces & Accessories.

What would be your Perect Day?
Mmm......Tahiti, Vin seriously, A Morning of Lampworking, followed by maybe photographing of some items, then a whole afternoon of making some jewels, Filled with lots of Coffee & Good Food, (Love Coffee!!!) UNDESTRACTED!!! That would definately be my perfect day!!!

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