Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Handmade at Salamanca Market!

We have just arrived home from a 2-week road trip to Tassie and while we were there we visited the famous Salamanca Market which sets up shop every Saturday along Salamanca Place in Hobart.

There were over 300 stalls, featuring food, imported items and handmade. Personally I thought there would be more handmade! While in Hoabrt I was told there is another market in Hobart 'the market' which is only handmade however it wasn't on that weekend. Another reason to visit Hobart again!

Below are a few of the handmade sellers at the Salamanca Market.

1. Mosaic Art
2. Rebecca Roth
3. Loopee Design
4. Hiiragi


  1. I'm in Tassie. Salamanca is always a hit :)

  2. Also in Hobart, The Barn Market and Eastside Makers Market......


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