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Mum who makes :: ButtonsbyLouLou

Mum who makes :: ButtonsbyLouLou

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Lou. I live in Melbourne, although grew up in country Victoria. I have 2 little boys aged 1 and 3 and they keep me very busy of course.

Can you explain your craft/art and the materials you like to use?
I make fabric covered buttons into all sorts of accessories for adults and children - from earrings and cufflinks to sewing buttons, hair accessories and magnets. I love beautiful fabrics and am continually inspired by new prints and designs. I can't sew so this is the perfect excuse for buying too much fabric.

How long have you been creating and how did you get into making handmade goodies?
I started making buttons in 2008 as gifts for family and friends and things got out of control when I started selling some things online and people actually bought them! I have now made thousands of buttons and more than I ever thought possible. All by hand, all one at a time.

How do you juggle motherhood & crafting/managing your business?
With difficulty. I make things during sleep times/quiet times and I snatch bits of computer time throughout the day and at night. I need to make things at night but I find it difficult because I am so exhausted by then. I have recently got a babysitter for a half day a week to give me some productive 'day time' making. My sister is also starting to help me out with bits and pieces. I am looking forward to reading 'The divided heart: Art & Motherhood' by Rachel Power as the juggle (and struggle) of creative mums is ringing true for me at the moment.

Do you have any advice to other Mothers who are wanting to start creating handmade goodies?
Make what you like, not what you think others will like. Develop your own style rather than copying others. Try new things and enjoy!


  1. Ohhhh the book your planning to read sounds like a good one for me too Lou, Thanks!

  2. Cute Buttons...Thanks for your story.
    I love reading about how mums juggle their creative life with little ones at home...With twins on the way I need all the ideas + inspiration I can get! :D

  3. Always love your buttons Lou, in all of their forms :)

    I esp love your Fabric button necklaces...Gorgeous work and lovely interview!


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