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mum who makes :: michvanetta

Mum who makes :: michvanetta

Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Michelle or Mich for short. I'm a stay at home mum to two gorgeous little girls aged 6 and 3. I have a wonderful and supportive husband. We live in a beautiful outer suburb of Melbourne that has an artistic and creative community. It's filled with native Australian wildlife and a short distance to the city which is perfect for our little growing family.

Can you explain your craft/art and the materials you like to use?
I love taking beads and metals and transforming them into wearable pieces and other such pretties. I find great pleasure in seeking out rare and different beads, from vintage to the more organic feel of natural gems for my jewellery. You will see me using alot of Sterling Silver and Vintaj Natural Brass, I especially love to use different metals in the same piece.

How long have you been creating and how did you get into making handmade goodies?
My sisters and I have been creating for as long as I can remember. My mum, her sisters and my grandmother were/are all very crafty too. When my first daughter was born I began a collection of beautiful beads, jewellery making evolved in that time. Soon after I discovered online selling venues, which I found a great way to converse and show my creations whilst sitting in my pj's looking after our little one.

How do you juggle motherhood & crafting/managing your business?
I create at night whilst my girls are in bed and I now have an iphone which is fabulous for checking orders, emails etc at those times in between doing other things outside the house. I'm thrilled that I have girls who love to create and do puzzles, so if I ever need a bit of extra time to put orders together they'll be creating at the same table with me or doing a big puzzle.

Do you have any advice to other Mothers who are wanting to start creating handmade goodies?
There's alot of us mums out there doing it and we're very supportive of one another, find a great (online) group or team of crafters for support and a laugh. Have fun and enjoyment in what you create. Go for it!


  1. Michelle, I love that your girls can spend time creating with you as well!

  2. Great read! Such a sweet photo of you & your girls too :)

  3. Yay Mich. Lovely to see you here. Lou.

  4. what a lovely interview, and I love the photo of all the girls!

  5. Beautiful read and gorgeous pic of the fam!

  6. Thanks for sharing Mich. I have had you on my blogroll for a long time now so it was good to get to know you a little better. I also have two daughters (4 and 20 months) and so do all my making at night although sometimes I too do it around them. I also have an iphone (recently) and have found it a great tool as you have.

  7. What a fantastic interview of the very, very lovely Mich. :)

  8. I am a fan of Mich's work & love wearing her creations in my hair!!

  9. Great interview Mich :)
    what a gorgeous photo of you and your girls!

    always love your Beautiful jewellery!


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