Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vote for madeit seller Susannah Tucker's polaroid!

Lovely madeit seller Susannah Tucker from Susannah Tucker Photography has been chosen to be a part of the The Best
Polaroid Photo Competition
by Blur Magazine.

To vote simply click here and give Susannah's polaroid a score
out of 10...

You will find Susannah butterfly photo "She Wore Butterflies in
her Hair" on the 4th row, last on the right.

To see more of Susannah work visit her madeit store here.


  1. her picture really is the most appealling out of all of them..
    my vote is in.xx

  2. I voted, it is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the votes and comments! Bec you are so lovely to post this here - you rock!

  4. I too have voted for Susannah's polaroid as I truly think it's definitely the most beautiful and best picture!!

  5. I love this photo - gorgeous! I've voted!

  6. What a beautiful image - clearly the best :)

  7. Beautiful, but don't forget the lovely photos by Sarah from Faith Hope and a whole Lotta Love Photography...


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