Monday, March 29, 2010

new seller quick five :: Sarah's House

New seller :: Sarah's House

How did you find out about madeit?
I was thinking about selling online for a while, and I found made it purely by chance whilst surfing the net! I really loved the idea of an Australian site selling handmade I excitedly opened my store.

Explain your style.
For me this is a tough question because I have only recently discovered craft as an outlet for my creative side (that I never knew existed until last age 38..argh) I have always had eclectic taste in homewares and I love lots of colour in my house. I also believe that recycling/upcycling is an important part of current day life. SO, I would say that my style is colourful, eclectic and eco conscious.

What makes you happy?
My "morning cuddle" from my little 5 year old makes me happy and gives me a warm feeling to carry me through the day. I also must say that colour in my surroundings makes me happy...

What makes you sad?
I am saddened by others distress or unhappiness and by wastefulness.

What cant you live without?
I cannot live without coffee, colour, cuddles or almost obsessive visit to the local op shops!!


  1. Gorgeous. Great start. Look forward to seeing more.

  2. lovely interview. sounds a bit like me...not finding my creative side till late 30's. so nice to know we are all in such good company!

  3. i think a lot of us don't find our creativity until late, as we never have the chance as life is just so busy. That is why you see so many women with young children turning to crafting business!

    Love your bright colors! :)

  4. excellent work infact to much informative thanks

  5. Lovely Interview :)

    Your shop is lovely!

  6. Can't wait to see more. The cushions look fabulous. I do love a good cushion!!!

  7. Love those cushions. Lovely colours and cute dots.


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