Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mum who makes :: Coco Ruby Design

mum who makes :: Coco Ruby Design

Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in Melbourne’s Bayside area with my husband and our two wonderful children aged 8 and 4. I also have two hairy children - a Beaglier dog and Burmese cat. I used to live and work in fabulous places like London, Paris and Vietnam and now I’m proud to say that I’m a stay-at-home mum and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love the beach, shopping and great coffee, so Melbourne is definitely a great place to call home.

Can you explain your craft/art and the materials you like to use?
I make beaded jewellery, from necklaces and rings to bracelets and earrings. I like to use sterling silver and classic colours that won’t date. I like to think of my jewellery style as simple, stylish and elegant. I also make jewellery that I like and would wear myself.

How long have you been creating and how did you get into making handmade goodies?
Last year I had not a ‘mid-life crisis’, but what I like to call a “creative-crisis”. I had always wanted to do something ‘creative’ but never knew what it was. It was my mum’s birthday and I wanted to buy her a pair of earrings. She doesn’t have pierced ears and I couldn’t find a pair of clip-on’s I liked, so I decided to make her some instead. It all started from there.

How do you juggle motherhood & crafting/managing your business?
I do most of my jewellery at night or when the kids are at school/kinder. I like to create in a ‘quiet’ environment, and unless I’m wearing earmuffs there’s no such thing in our household! Being organised really helps and don’t worry if there’s still a load of washing to be done.

Do you have any advise to other Mothers who are wanting to start creating handmade goodies?
Don’t make excuses as to why you wouldn’t have time to start something you love. Once you start, you will be amazed at how rewarding it can be. Research your market - what are your competitors doing and how can you make your product differentiate from theirs? Buy quality materials to work with as ‘you are your product’. Enjoy what you do, as my husband likes to say: “happy wife, happy life”!

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