Monday, September 20, 2010

new seller quick five - Mon Petit Poppet

new seller quick five - Mon Petit Poppet

How did you find out about made it?
When my poppet was born I began crafting and blogging as a way of expressing myself. Through the amazing blogs I read on a daily basis I heard about madeit and I absolutely love that it is a little nook supporting all the brilliant crafty Aussies out there. You guys rock! I'd love for your to pop into my blog for a cuppa!

Explain your style
I have a love affair with all things French! I love to create timeless yet whimsical designs using gorgeous natural fabrics like cotton and linen all with a certain "ooh la la" French vibe. But above all, I want to create things that make people smile!

What makes you happy?
Sun showers, long baths, the call of a whip bird, chocolate eclairs from a hidden Parisian patisserie, seeing elderly couples holding hands, shoe shopping, watching musicians getting lost in their art, making things with my hands, my gorgeous Hubby and the angel we call our!!

What makes you sad?
The thought of life without freedom, knowing my little one won't be able to roam the streets getting sponsors for the school spell-a-thon like I used to be able to do, dropping my "ice cream man" ice cream as the van drives away, seeing other creatures suffering, apathy and ignorance, the last piece of chocolate.

What can't you live without?
In a man and my girl. They are simply magic!!!

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  1. what a fabulous little interview with the equally gorgeous and stunning Steph! I love all the things Steph makes and have the pleasure in having a few in my possession! Her blog is just a delight and a daily fix for me! Her items certainly are 'oh la la'!!!


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