Thursday, September 16, 2010

September - Blog about madeit Giveaway!

Winners Announced!!

1st Prize
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2nd & 3rd Prize
Rainbow & Pearl
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Green Tree
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Thank you to all our sellers who have been blogging their favourite madeit finds. We are glad to announce our September prize pack for the past month.

1st Prize
$30 madeit seller credit
Newsletter advert (worth $38.50)
Book - The Anti 9-5 Guide by Michelle Goodman

2nd & 3rd Prize
$20 madeit seller credit

Giveaway Details
• The posts can be madeit finds for example five or so items based on a theme, new items or just items you love for the week.
• The month will end on the 15th of each month.
• To be eligible for the prize you must blog every week of the month.
• In return for blogging about madeit we will add you to our "Lovely Peeps who blog about madeit" list. Please email your blog to madeit
• Winners will be contacted via email and published on our blog.

If you aren't listed in our
"Lovely Peeps who blog about madeit" list, please leave your blog address in the comments.

Thank you for promoting madeit.

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