Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cath from chunky chooky :: What inspires you?

Madeit seller Cath from chunky chooky shares her inspiration.


My 3 year old:
Her giggles, her silliness and her free spirit. She is my number one road tester. If I design a new softie and it doesn't get the squeal of approval it's back to the drawing board. Watching her play with her friends and the characters they make up is always a huge source of inspiration. The way they giggle and talk to their toys - I love watching them.

Nature: I live amongst the hills and trees in a very green valley and my studio overlooks a beautiful section of forest at our place. We are lucky enough to live on the edge of an amazing forest that is full of wildlife and beautiful big old trees. I love going for runs through the trees, watching the light flickering, just me and the dog and the sounds of the birds, the kookaburras laughing at my running attempts....(and this is my favourite bird - a tawny frogmouth)

Beautiful photography: Great photos inspire me to learn to be a better photographer. I love taking photos- especially of objects and I am looking for a new camera at the moment. I am always inspired by the photography I see on some of my favourite blogs like: cathies shots of cakes and Tanias photos of things she makes - they always make me strive to think about my photos more and the different ways to set up a shot.

Children's books: Especially old ones. I love the illustrations and the way animals are depicted- it is my main source of inspiration when I am thinking of a new softie design.

Homewares magazines: My love knows no bounds. We call them porn at my place. When my latest edition arrives in the letterbox - all conversation must cease, tea must be made and lounges must be lounged on. There, I sit and drool, showing disintersted husband the latest chair I love.... then I imagine it in my house.... ( if I just knocked out that wall, and repainted that one and got that cushion I saw the other day over there.....) The styling in homewares magazines, putting two colours together that I may not have thought of -and being mindful of texture has had a huge impact on my designs and on my home. Although I still convet an original Eames - I may have to sell a few more softies before I can have one....


  1. The photos Cathie takes of cakes always make me hungry, mmm! And I think I need to get some Busy road-testing action too :D

    Nice interview Cath!

  2. Holy moly - how is that top pic for a fab pic! Those three year old legs are the bees, well, knees. And you're preaching to the converted when you throw in an original Eames (gulp).

  3. Lovely to learn a bit more about lovely Cathy.

  4. What a gorgeous little girl! Cute pic!


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