Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bec from madeit :: What inspires you?

The Ocean: Every morning I walk to the break wall and pass a number of beaches in my little coastal town. There is nothing better than looking out to the ocean and not seeing a single person or house - just a couple of boats on the horizon.

Patterns & Colour: From when I was a little girl I have always loved colour and would often dress myself in the most colourful outfit I could find. While I'm not as adventurous as that now I do love to be around a burst of colour to keep the creativity flowing.

Creative Homes:
Seeing how other creative people decorate their homes has given me the decorators bug! While I can't go too crazy (still renting) I have found so many great and simple ideas to make a house a home, like using these old tea boxes for herbs thanks to Allison from Lark. Photo by Rohan Anderson.

Minimalist Living:
Yes, please!! I love this How to Create a Minimalist Home guide - it inspires me to declutter and keep my house clean (well try!! I just need more storage).

What's not to love and be inspired by Japan. I love the food, people, culture, old and new products and the snow. Hope to see you again soon!


  1. always lovely to hear what inspires others :)

    love the herb tea boxes, how cute!

  2. So lucky to see the ocean every day! I love those tea caddies as herb pots, lovely.


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