Friday, February 12, 2010

Project: Origami Box

Price: Less than $1
Time to make: 15 minutes or less
Clear instructions included:
Additional material needed: Glue
Ability: Beginner

Have you ever tried origami? Then why not try this origami box. It's so much fun if you use bigger pieces of paper and have a little patience. The box I made was so simple, OK so maybe there was a fold or two that needed some extra thought and hand eye co-ordination, but in the end I got it. Making the second box was even easier! They are cheap to make and fairly sturdy if you use scrap booking paper. I used some glue to keep the folds exactly where I wanted them once the box was complete. The finished product was a box 8cm x 15cm, perfect for giving small gifts instead of wrapping. Get folding!

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