Monday, February 15, 2010

New seller quick five! :: Mr Killmousky

New seller : Mr Killmousky

How did you find about madeit?
We were discussing with a market seller that we wished there was an Australian site for selling handmade goods, she told us about 'Made It' and looking back I can’t believe we hadn't heard of it before.

Explain your style?
Our style is a reflection of our various interests. We don't have a strict style that we feel any pressure to stick to. Influences come from many places including ideas from other cultures, our travels and home. Our experience is that more interesting pieces come from exploring unconnected inspiration rather than being loyal to a style.

What makes you happy?
Being able to create something that another person will cherish, as well as being able to keep the samples and one off pieces! Family, home and our cat are also important in bringing happiness.

What makes you sad?
There are just not enough hours in each day to get to all the ideas we have, being time poor makes us very sad. Also not being able to travel as often as we would like is another thing.

What can't you live without?
It would be hard to get by without an outlet for creativity, the urge to make things is addictive, but the really hard things would be each other and our much loved cat.

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  1. Lovely interview :)

    And gorgeous stylish pieces!!!


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