Monday, May 3, 2010

new seller quick five :: The Little Humbugs

New seller :: The Little Humbugs

How did you find out about madeit?
I found out about the wonderful world that is made it from another seller. I followed her blog and it lead me to madeit. I was delighted to find a site that was so warm and welcoming, within the first couple of days of listing my prints, I received several lovely messages from other sellers, wishing me the best.

Explain your style
I describe my style as vintage inspired childrens art. I like to create illustrations that celebrate a time when life was slower and perhaps more innocent, and children enjoyed their childhood, instead of trying to grow up too quickly.

What makes you happy?
Firstly and most importantly, My three beautiful children make me happy, I love to watch them learn about the world around them, seeing the joy in their little faces as they discover life. I am most definitely an optimist and find joy in so many things. I am a very visual person, and can find beauty in the most simple of things.

What makes you sad?
I guess there are a few things that I could talk about here, however in keeping in line with art, mass produced, imported, heavily branded childrens art makes me sad!

What can’t you live without?
I can't live without my sketchbook and 2B pencil!!


  1. Great feature. My son has one of Little Humbugs prints, and it is stunning!

  2. I am just delighted to be featured here, thank you so much...

  3. I have been following the Little Humbugs since they started and the pictures just keep getting better. My kids love their pictures and I am now buying them as birthday presents. What a great idea !!!
    Thanks Little Humbugs.

  4. I just purchased one of the prints yesterday for my little girl, can't wait to recieve it!!! the pics are just gorgeous.


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