Thursday, May 6, 2010

♥ ♥ Share The Love Appeal ♥ ♥ That Vintage ♥ ♥

Until June 20th 2010 every purchase of the Pair Of Birds Brooch, 'That Vintage' will be donated $15.00AU to the World Vision Australia Child Rescue Cause.

Please help support this cause, as we each have a voice and even just that one voice can be so powerful.

"Our time spent working with the children who had been rescued from the horrendous industry of trafficking was largely spent trying as much as we could to show them that we cared. We made them laugh and we told them that they mattered. We promised them we would never forget them. But deep down, I knew that just didn’t cut it. It wasn’t enough." - an excerpt from Nell's Story.

♥ For more information about the cause and to read the story behind Nell Cook's experience in Africa, head to the That Vintage blog.

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