Friday, August 6, 2010

AnK Bowtique and Ava’s Tea Party

AnK Bowtique first heard about Ava's story several years ago. Tragically, Ava passed away at the age of three. You can read about Ava's Story here:

Last year, Ava's family started the tradition of Ava's Tea Party. "An idea borne out of wishing and missing and a beauty-full way to honor the birthday of our Super-Princess each year. Ava’s Tea Party is about taking time. Making time. Moments put aside to love and laugh with those you adore. Bake a cake. Or open the cookies. Make pink milk and sing. Wear pretty aprons and pick fresh flowers and above all else be glad, give thanks and cherish.” Ava’s Tea Party is celebrated around 22nd August each year

AnK Bowtique wanted to do something beautiful, something unique....something worthy of a Super –Princess.

The Ava’s Tea Party Set is a limited edition clip set created especially for Ava's Tea Party, in loving memory of Ava Rosemeyer (2003 -2007). All proceeds will be donated to Paradise Kids to support families experiencing illness and loss. The Ava’s Tea Party set will be available in the AnK Bowtique madeit store during August. View the Ava's Tea Party Clip Set here

You can read more about Ava’s Tea Party here:

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