Monday, August 9, 2010

new seller quick five - citruspop

new seller quick five - citruspop

How did you find about madeit?
I love blogs and instead of TV watching in the evening I like to blog-hop :) So of course I heard about madeit way back when it first started and love that it is an Aussie based website, supporting Aussie designers. Also love the fact that I can order something and know that it will arrive on my doorstep in a few days - nothing beats internet shopping in my jammies!!! (P.S. Feel free to check out my blog...

Explain your style
I love love love colour. Anything bright and happy makes me feel good. Citrus pOp haripins and necklaces are vintage-inspired...I have tried to combine vintage with funky and modern to create unique jewellery and accessories to pretty up an outfit.

What makes you happy?
Happiness is when there is harmony and love in our home. When there is order and a little chaos (but not too much!) to keep things interesting. And of course, being surrounded by a whole heap of crafty supplies and unlimited time to create :)

What makes you sad?
A day in which I haven't been able to express myself creatively - in any way or form, whether it be making new hairpins or necklaces for the shop, sewing, designing new patterns for my other business or decorating our home, if I don't get to squeeze in a little bit of creative "me time" each day, I just don't feel complete!

What can't you live without?
Chocolate!!!!! But before chocolate, my three beautiful little children and wonderful, supportive husband.

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