Monday, August 23, 2010

new seller quick five - Septembre

new seller quick five - Septembre

How did you find about madeit?

I find out about madeit through an advertising in a magazine , i was very happy to find a 'local" website, it is a pleasure to sell on this site but also to buy lovely handmade creations, there are so many talented designers here!!!!

Explain your style
I like to design feminine and glamorous jewellery and accessories with a little french touch. I enjoy to work with vintage laces and fabrics,in general the romance of yesterday appeals to me...

What makes you happy?
in no particular order: cuddling my kids, love, smiles, my mum's cooking, compliments, white musk, the summer sound of cicadas, giant libraries, British accents, the smell of old paper, fresh country air...and the list goes on!!!!

What makes you sad?
Homesickness, only writing this word fills me with sadness...

What can't you live without?
Freedom, it is the reason why i enjoy creating, there isn't any limit in creativity, if i have an idea i just let it go where it wants to take me...of course i could not live without my sweet little family and last but not least a nice crispy baguette!!!

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