Thursday, August 12, 2010

envelope paper bag tutorial

Price: I made mine for free
Time to make: minutes
Requirements: envelopes, glue, hole punch, decorations.
Ability: Beginner

For those of you who are selling your gorgeous handmade goodies packaging your product is the final touch. I lived in Japan for 12 years, believe me, no one does packaging quite like the Japanese! The product in sealed plastic or paper wrap, placed in a box or tin (if its a gift they put it in a cellophane bag with ribbon as well) before placing it in the stores own carry bag. Fortunately, in Australia we are a little more conscience of such waste.

Its amazing what one can do with a brown paper bag, tape and left over ribbon. An old envelope even! If you want to get crafty some pinking sheers and a calligraphy pen can do wonders, use your business cards as a part of the packaging to spread the word at the same time!

Lets start with something super easy... An envelope. First, seal it. Second, open one end, pinking sheers would be a pretty touch. Thirdly, and this would depend on what you are actually putting in it, fold the sides and bottom in. Could be a centimeter, if you are using a large envelope it may even be an inch (you may even leave it flat). Make the crease nice and sharp using your finger nail, this will make the next step easier. Open the folds, put your hand inside to flatten the sides and base out. This will leave you with triangles on either side of the base, fold and glue these under.

Viola! Now you have a bag! The final touches are really up to you, punch some holes at the top and thread with ribbon to make handles for a carry bag or simply fold it down and staple your business card to seal it.

If you have more time on your hands we have included a paper bag pattern for you to print out onto your favorite paper. You can finish it the same way as above or try sandwiching soft wire between some tape and sticking it to the top of the bag, once its folded the wire ends hold it in place, very swish!

Happy cutting and decorating!

project and research gal.


  1. Thank you for this great idea!
    I have now found my new packaging for my vintage spoons,( except I use plain envelopes and print or stamp (depending on the mood of my printer) my logo onto them first.
    Thanks, Melanie @ me2

  2. Where did you find the paper from...i wish to use the same paper for Gift Card envelopes as i needed.


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