Monday, October 18, 2010

new seller quick five - Swoon and Blues

new seller quick five - SwoonandBlues

How did you find out about madeit?
Madeit was first shown to us by a fellow Designer at the Young Blood Designer Markets that we launched at in August this year. We really liked that it was Australian, and have found it straight forward to use with the ability to list similar items with the same settings. It is also great to be amongst other Australian designers.

Explain your style
Our products are handmade and hand-printed by us (Lisa and Lee) in our home studios. The prints reflect Lisa's obsession with nature in it's most fertile form, along with Art Nouveau and Deco. This coupled with Lee's love of tailoring, texture and shape create the perfect partnership in this design love affair. You can see more of us at

What makes you happy?
Lee: creating, family and friends, reading in a warm bed, music, dancing and pancakes.
Lisa: family, friends, making, drawing, getting my hands dirty, the bush, dumplings, the city and adventures.

What makes you sad?
Lee: patriarchy (the education of women worldwide and well nurtured children will be the answer to world peace!), and that first pancake that's always a dud.
Lisa: getting the first pancake, negativity, thinking about what makes me sad makes me feel sad.

What can't you live without?
Lee: love, black jeans and bags. Ooh and pancakes.
Lisa: family and friends, pencil and paper, my red cowgirl boots...Ooh and dumplings.


  1. why does the first pancake turn out so bad anyway?...

  2. Those artists, makers and creators go have a look and join the "Handmade in Sydney" community on Facebook..........


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