Monday, November 8, 2010

new seller quick five - Alphabet Monkey

new seller quick five - Alphabet Monkey

How did you find out about madeit?
I was looking at an overseas website and thinking it would be good if it was Australian. I was looking at creating some products for a local childrens boutique and was considering putting some on line as well. It was through reading some forums and I discovered mentioned by Aussie designers and decided to take a look.

Explain your style
I enjoy the scandinavian aesthetic and love this simplicity transferred into kids rooms. Since AlphabetMonkey will be focusing on baby and little boys, simple patterns and strong colour will feature with items often inspired by a fab piece of fabric. Hand sewing features and I customise a lot of items with initials which I think is great as I think most mums like the idea of having something made especially just for their baby and not from a mass produced store.

What makes you happy?
I have discovered that the simple things really do make me happy..I love gardening, painting anything from the house to a masterpiece, being with my friends and family, sitting on the grass with my dogs on a sunny day, doing something creative, a good glass of wine on a summer afternoon, the ocean.......

What makes you sad?
The cruelty that goes on in the world.. to animals, in war torn countries, to children or to anyone who cannot defend themselves. And the helpless feeling that it's beyond our control.

What can't you live without?
I'm a first time new mum and I certainly couldn't live without my little man or my husband who is the most supportive man ever. Or my mum who not only is a great support but does a lot of my machine sewing.

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