Monday, November 1, 2010

new seller quick five - OrganicsJewelry

new seller quick five - OrganicsJewelry

How did you find out about madeit?
I found out about madeit completely by accident. I was looking around for some handmade items and every now and then madeit would come up in the search results. I love the idea of buying and selling handcrafted local products – so I decided to give a go!

Explain your style
I design gemstone jewellery that’s quite classic and timeless but with a modern twist. As a consumer you often see either fun and colourful fashion jewellery or very classic fine jewellery – I enjoy bringing those two worlds together in my designs. That’s what’s great about buying handmade! There are so many artisans out there that are coming up with products that you just don’t see everyday.

What makes you happy?
At the top of the list has to be the family! But I also love the rain, baking, and sweets - I have a terrible sweet tooth! And of course I love making handmade items, from jewellery to clothing to furniture!

What makes you sad?
Over the past few years there have been so many family members affected by serious illnesses that it has quite literally changed my life. There’s really nothing sadder than seeing your loved ones fade away.

What can't you live without?
I’m not sure about this one… Of course, my family has to be at the top of the list! On the other hand my daughter would probably say that I can’t live without ‘work’. Sad but true! I’m one of those people that always have to be doing something otherwise I get antsy and start climbing the walls…

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  1. Thanks for this article...I agree with the comments about family. One of the best things about being an artist/crafter and having your own on-line shop is you can work around and with your family. xx


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