Monday, November 15, 2010

new seller quick five - MissMontgomery

new seller quick five - MissMontgomery

How did you find about madeit?

I had been a gallery represented artist for a number of years, but recently decided that I would like to take a new direction with my art and become self-represented. So I was checking out the Finders Keepers Market in Brisbane and through that discovered madeit. Soon after I also noticed madeit in Frankie magazine, checked out the site and blog and decided that I definitely wanted to be part of it!

Explain your style
At the moment I am loving making small collages on style is a little bit vintage, colourful and quirky. I work very spontaneously, starting with a painted surface, then letting the images and materials guide me. They never finish up the way I had first intended!

What makes you happy?
Making stuff (obviously), a walk on the beach, a kiss from my husband, hanging out with family and friends, the sound of rain at night, 80's music, longboard skateboarding, going to the movies... the list really could go on and on, really!

What makes you sad?
Same as most people - injustice, cruelty and disregard for the environment. Mass production and consumption don't make me feel too happy either.

What can't you live without?
Affection...hugs, kisses, cuddles. Also, like millions of women, I'd find life pretty hard without chocolate!

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