Friday, November 12, 2010

WIN a moustache brooch/necklace from madeit seller littlenikita

little nikita is giving away a black perspex “Mo” that can be worn as brooch or as a necklace.
This lovely “Mo” measure 3” x 2.5” and comes with a black ball chain.
Other styles and colours are also available at

10% of little nikita's “Mo” sales during the month of November will be donated to Movember.

To win this cute mo brooch/necklace simply write a sentence in the comments below and include the word moustache or mo.

You have till Wednesday 17th November to enter! Good luck.
(The winner will be published on the comments, please include your email if you comment anonymously.)


  1. Yo, yo bro, whaddup?
    Yo Mo-sista here
    I wanna support yo
    Yo cause
    And be like yo
    So I think I need
    A mo necklace, yo?


  2. Moustaches are cool! Like Bowties, Bowties are cool :)

  3. Little Mo, Little Mo, where for art thou? Deny thou rings and refuse thy watch! A little Mo necklace is all I want!

  4. It's Movember so grow a Mo...

  5. You know what I bought my husband for his birthday this year. Something he has always wanted but never been able to have... A moustache!! He can't grow one at all. I would honestly have a better chance of growing one!! LOL... But if I won this necklace/brooch then I wouldn't have too... hahahaha

    xo Steph

  6. You have mo idea how much I love this necklace!

  7. Moustaches should be worn as bow-ties.

  8. Oh Mo! I thought I might have had a chance to win this moustache but the other comments are mo clever!

  9. To help his good friend Jo
    My brother decided to grow a Mo
    Im glad he's given it a go
    But it makes him look like a hobo

  10. I'd love to wear this moustache to the Mo Party I'm attending as a Mo Sista.

  11. Uh mo. Looks like I wont be winning this mo-lichious necklace, too many good momments.

  12. Mo mo mo your boat, gently down the stache.
    Merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is such a blast!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I cannot grow my own moustache
    I am a girl you see
    and as I've recently discovered
    they just don't grow on trees
    a mo necklace is what I need
    to show off to the world
    and prove that mo's aren't just for boy's
    they're also cool for girls :)

  15. I saw my dad without a mo for the first time last week.
    Do mo's make the upper lip grow just a little bit?

  16. This funky bit of perspex-bling would seriously help me with my mo-jo... You know?

  17. such a transportable mo would be ideal for going incognito...

  18. For mo-ments likes this you need a moustache necklace!!


  19. Cute and clever!

    I like Bianca's Mo poem :)

  20. A Mo, A Mo, My Kingdom for a Mo! (or at least the man who's wearing it ;0)

  21. I have never ever seen my Dad without a mo.

  22. Hubby's growing a mo for the cause this month. I can't grow one but I'd wear one!!

  23. My boyfriend had an excellent moustache just like Dali! He twirled it and waxed it and got many funny looks and compliments for having it. Then he cut it off and everyone was shocked. The nearest impressive thing I could do is wear a moustache necklace.

  24. I love kissing my husband and feeling his moustache on my face! :-D

    talia.carbis (@)

  25. Thanks for entering, the competition is now closed. I will get Kylie from littlenikita to choose the winner!

    Bec xx

  26. Congratulations Biance.123

    Your poem was great and you can now prove the boys that yes girls can in fact wear a mo!

    Please email me your address to and I will post your Mo out to you!

    Thank you everyone else for your time and effort in posting your comments!

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Thanks so much, you've made mo day :)


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