Monday, February 14, 2011

madeit new seller quick five :: elmdesign

madeit new seller quick five :: elmdesign

How did you find about madeit?
I found out about madeit through online shopping for interesting and handmade products. Its quite inspiring to see what other creatives are
up to!

Explain your style
My style is elegant, whimsical and a little bit crazy! I illustrate and then transfer my works onto porcelain. Its quite a process but highly rewarding as each piece has to go through 3 firing cycles in my kiln 'wonder woman'. I try to add some humour to my work, mainly my home wares range. My jewellery is more elegant I think.

What makes you happy?
My family and friends make me happy. Coming up with new ideas is always uplifting and being able to do what I love. My 2 year old daughter is the light of my life and puts a smile on my face.

What makes you sad?
The passing of my Uncle Russ last year. He was a huge influence in my life and I'm still pretty lost without him here. I miss his humour and wisdom. People that are nasty also don't go down too well.

What can't you live without?
I cant live without my kiln! Does that sound weird?! I also cant live without my family, friends, porcelain and a good cuppa.

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  1. These are so pretty. I love love love the rabbit with the ruff.


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