Monday, February 28, 2011

madeit new seller quick five :: rosencrantz and guildenstern

madeit new seller quick five :: rosencrantz and guildenstern

How did you find about madeit?

I found out about the wonderful world of Made It through my friend Linda; she and her husband own a gallery where I'll be exhibiting in November (Edelweiss Gallery, beautiful local only artwork and jewellery)

Explain your style:
When it comes to jewellery I like to make a unique statement definitely involving the romantic with a touch of the contemporary. I've named most pieces after the heroines of Shakespeare; his characters encompass any and every aspect of a woman's psyche.

What makes you happy?
My Home....a little cottage in regional NSW, with my bearded hero (he beats Mr Darcy hands down any day!), our two dogs, a cat, and very soon some chooks

What makes you sad?
Cruelty caused by ignorance

What can't you live without?
Above mentioned man!


  1. Beautiful pendants!
    Keep up your lovely work.

  2. Lovely creations!
    Very inspiring interview!
    Thanks for sharing!


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