Thursday, August 25, 2011

craftumi seller quick five :: Miss Ethel

craftumi seller quick five :: Miss Ethel

How did you find out about craftumi?

Through Madeit. I was delighted to find so many wonderful crafty supplies and immediately signed up.

What do you sell on craftumi?
I have a little shop called Miss Ethel where I sell vintage postage stamps from my own collection for card making, collages and scrapbooking. I love how they add a little bit of history and vintage-y loveliness to projects! At the moment I have a few different types, ranging from King George VI to Australian birds and animals, and there's still more to come!

What is your favourite craft activity?
Whilst I love working with paper crafts, writing on china for Zinnia Pea will always be my first and favourite love!

What would be your perfect day?
A lovely Spring day spent browsing little antique and op shops in small towns, followed by a lazy yet delicious dinner party with friends!

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