Thursday, August 4, 2011

craftumi seller quick five :: Supplies from The Studio

craftumi seller quick five :: Supplies from The Studio

Tell us a bit about yourself

Married, 3 cats, live in a city by the sea, live in front of my puter (3 online stores) and sewing machine, treasure my craft days with Joolz and Laura, love to listen to talking books while I work, dream about living in a peaceful and beautiful corner of the country, adore all things from days of old, retro is slowly growing on me, wish I could find the proverbial balance with my craft & my blogging & my work & my personal life! Oh and I'm Pam! :)

How did you find about craftumi?
I'm a seller on madeit with a shop called Nest in The Attic, and I read in one of our regular madeit newsletters about a new sister site opening up where we could sell supplies, and as I used to sell them, along with my handmade items on my own web site, I decided it would be worth trying.

What do you sell on craftumi?
I suppose you could describe it all as 'crafty bits and pieces' including rusty springs and bells, baggage tags that have been stained to look aged, wooden blanks for little birdhouses. But the majority of my stock is probably mostly vintage chenille fat 1/4's and 6" squares and craft books. I hope to be adding bags of buttons, beads and laces etc, in the very near future too, as these are all things that I use in my own mixed media and altered art/couture projects.

What is your favourite craft activity?
I love to create assemblages or collages that are composed of found objects, buttons, lace and linens, all of which are just perfect if they are vintage and give my pieces that aged look! I also find great pleasure in altering pre-loved clothing and giving it a new life by turning it into something completely different, such as a skirt into a full apron, and incorporating vintage linens(teacloths and doileys etc) and laces.

What would be your perfect day?
Oohh, so many to choose from........I would love to wake up and find I was going on another trip to Canada with a cruise up the Inside Passage to Alaska!!! My sister took me with her back in 2005, when she won a trip in a competition, and it's been the highlight of my life! Leaving on a (jet)plane for an overseas trip.......PERFECT DAY, I'd say!


  1. Thanks heaps Bec! It all looks fab. :)

  2. I am a big fan of Nest in the Attic on Made It! I own (and use daily!) their dishcloths and pot holders. It's lovely to discover them on Craftumi too. Thanks for the great quick five.


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