Thursday, August 11, 2011

Retail Store We Love :: Brusselsprouts (Kalgoorlie, WA)

Tell us a little bit about your store
My store is situated in the mining town of Kalgoorlie, WA which is located 600klm east of Perth & primarily cater for 0-6yrs with a few items for grown ups too. I sell a mix of handmade, local & imported products with the majority of stock being handmade.

When/why did you open your store?
I opened the store last November. My own label was doing well & I would get alot of emails from other wahm's asking for advice on how to get their products into stores & the difficulties some had experienced with store owners not appreciating the uniqueness of handmade. This inspired me to open a store where my own & other handmade items could be showcased & sold with the respect they deserved. With only Target or Kmart to shop for childrens items I believed there was a need for this type of store here n Kalgoorlie & since opening the response has been overwhelming.

What labels designers do you stock in your store?
My own label Brusselsprouts, Primrose Lane Creations, 76 Tilly Lane, Alice & Lilly, Smoochy Kiss, Iszle, Millaruby, Inner Earth Soaps, Sweet William, Only Midge & many more.

Why do you love handmade so much?
Most importantly for me it would have to be the quality, there is so much love & attention to detail put into each product. I also love that each item is unique, if its from new materials, vintage, upcycled every piece has its own story or history. They are items to be treasured & passed on, not disposed of easily.

Name 5 feelings (single words) that your customers will feel when they enter your store
Happy, Intrigued, Satisfied, Calm, Surprised

Visit the Brusselsprouts Blog for more information.

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  1. Gorgeous! Definitely on my to-do list if I ever get to visit WA!


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