Monday, October 17, 2011

madeit new seller :: patchwork families

madeit new seller :: patchwork families

How did you find about madeit?
I was introduced to madeit by a friend earlier this year. She suggested I check out the site! I was really pleased to know there was a site that was all Australian! When I visited I immediately decided I would work towards putting my illustrations onto madeit

Explain your style
My style is definitely something that I have put a lot of thought into! I would call it a little bit shabby chic, a little bit retro. I use water colours and ink to create my illustrations, once they are drawn and painted I use vintage fabric, usually bed sheets which I free motion sew to complete the design. My themes are influenced by my love of family mixed with my love of vintage.

What makes you happy?
I have simple tastes. I am made happy by fun times spent with family, walking along the beach and watching my girls jump in the waves in their clothes, and time to create!

What makes you sad?
I can be overwhelmed at times of the busyness that creeps into our lives. I prefer things to go at a slower pace.

What can't you live without?
hmmm so many special things in my life but I would have to say my faith, my family, time with friends and box of watercolours


  1. These are brilliant! Love it! Nice work Patchwork Families - welcome to Madeit!

  2. Oh, these are truly beautiful. There is nothing so magical as a gentle watercolour with good lines! Brilliant. grace


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