Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seller who Blogs :: CalicoLane

Seller who Blogs :: CalicoLane
Blog :: calicolane.wordpress.com
Shop :: madeit.com.au/CalicoLane

Tell us a bit about yourself and what do you sell on madeit?

I'm a stay-at-home mum to three boys. I have a background in the paramedical field so it was a lovely change to take up some creative pursuits when I stopped work to be a mummy. I must admit though, I never knew just how busy I would be - the boys are all under school age right now, and I feel like I spend all day getting food, doing washing and cleaning up after them!

I think the fact that I live in an all-male household (even the cat is a boy!) makes me want to play with pretty fabric, so I do enjoy making girly clothes for the store, but I will try to add some boy things every now and then! I so enjoy fabric shopping - I love choosing lovely combinations of colours and patterns for my items, and I tend to avoid pink, giving mums of girls lovely other options for dressing their princesses!

I occasionally add gifts to the store too - fun things to creatively inspire kids, like aprons and bean bags - things I would love my own kids to play with.

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
I have been blogging on and off for over six years. I've always loved writing but haven't had an opportunity to write for fun since I left high school. I love having my little corner of the internet. Blogging is so self-indulgent in that way - you can write about whatever you like because your blog is all yours! There is also such a fun community out in blog land, especially where craftiness is concerned. Crafty people are so lovely.

Do you have any advice for other sellers who are thinking of starting a blog?
Don't worry that you won't have anything interesting to write about! Readers love getting a glimpse of your everyday life - your crafty mess, your crazy kids, a random internet find. Similarly, don't limit yourself to just blogging about your business and what you make. Include other businesses that you love, the places you find inspiration, other bloggers you follow. The blogging world is big and there is room for everyone!

What are some of your favourite blogs and why? I read lots of different blogs and they all give me inspiration in different ways.

onpolkadotlane.blogspot.com : Kell also has three gorgeous kiddies, and has been crafting the most amazing things lately!

: Nic is so super talented - she is an amazing photographer AND a beautiful Made It store selling funky hair accessories

lovelife.typepad.com/my_weblog: Kal makes me wish I could paint!

dearestsomeday.com: Jen's blog is just beautiful and her home decor projects are so super inspiring.

fatmumslim.blogspot.com: I recently discovered Chantelle's blog and it inspired me to revamp and ramp up my blog!

thedesignfiles.net: This Melbourne based design blog features pretty things every day.

When you aren't blogging or making what do you like to do?
There aren't all that many minutes left in the day if I'm not blogging, making or mummy-ing, but I do love to read a good book, look at pretty things on Pinterest and chill out with my girlfriends having a good laugh. I also love to cook, and dinner at our house can be quite a gourmet affair!

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