Thursday, November 17, 2011

molly and mama Xmas Gift Guide - Vintage Inspired Children's Clothing

Guest Blogger - mollyandmama

Christmas is without a doubt, the most magical time of year! And what I love the most is the opportunity to craft and sew, to create something special for the people I love. This is a lesson I learned from my mother. Every year Mum always made sure we had a brand new outfit to wear on Christmas day. I remember going through the pattern books and magazines with her to find something I thought was just perfect. And Mum would create these amazing pieces from just a picture or a daydream! Even if I didn’t always have the latest big thing at Christmas, I always felt special knowing Mum had created something unique and precious just for me. Whilst I can’t sew quite like my mother, I do try and create something special with my own kids. Or I shop handmade. And what better place to look for vintage inspired handmade clothing this Christmas, than on Made It?

Click the photos below to visit the madeit items.


  1. Thank you for including RubyandSam in your posting, It's a gorgeous collection of nautical and vintage items. I hope you have a lovely weekend, Tanya

  2. You're welcome Tanya! I absolutely adore your work!!

  3. what a lovely surprise to be included in this gift-guide!! Thankyou mollyandmama, some simply gorgeous vintage picks! xx Nicole - Bubby Makes Three

  4. My pleasure Nicole! I love all of your gorgeous creations!

  5. Thanks for including my dress

  6. Awesome! Thanks for this wonderful post. I love it. Get beautiful handmade children clothing online by visit us at


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