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mum who makes :: Pork Chop

mum who makes :: Pork Chop

Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Leonie and I’m a mum to Tyler, 2, and Holly, ten weeks. I live in Blacktown NSW but am comfortable being a ‘westie’! My dream is to one day open a cafe/gallery space that supports local artists however the budget won’t allow that at the moment so I am content to hide in my closet-sized spare room and get crafty.

Can you explain your craft/art and the materials you like to use?
So far I’ve been working with fabric making baby things and pretty home wares, although who knows what path this will eventually lead me to... I also love calligraphy, scrapbooking, ceramics, landscape design, graphic design, dyeing, beading, sculpture and loads of other things, so I’m hoping the process will be quite organic I will eventually find my niche quite by accident!

How long have you been creating and how did you get into making handmade goodies?
I’ve been crafting in some sense ever since I can remember, and am constantly drawn to creative roles, spaces and people. I’ve worked as a copywriter, founded a boutique marketing firm, done mindless admin, cleaned hearing aids, made sandwiches, sold safety glasses and headhunted staff but nothing makes me as happy as just sitting down to sew, draw or paint. I’m hoping that by building a small business making quality products, I’ll eventually be able to sustain my soul as well as my bank balance.

How do you juggle motherhood & crafting/managing your business?
With great difficulty!! Seriously though, being organised is super important, as well as not having an expectation that you’re going to be able to create when you want to. We all know how unpredictable kids are so being able to go with the flow is imperative, and when you do find those precious moments when both kids are asleep at the same time, pack in as much as you can! I have a little to do list stuck to the fridge, and its full of enjoyable things – the washing can wait!

Do you have any advice to other Mothers who are wanting to start creating handmade goodies?
Don’t expect everyone to be supportive and say things to boost your confidence, especially your friends and family. My husband comes up with such gems as ‘you’ll never make any money from sewing’ and ‘wow that’s great’ (loaded with sarcasm). He’s my toughest critic! But if you don’t believe in yourself nobody else will, so when people ask what you do, say with confidence ‘this is my business’, rather than a sheepish ‘uh, this is kinda my hobby’.


  1. Fabulous interview Leonie, excellent tip on being confident about your business!

    love your designs, My favourite are your 'fang bunnies' they are too cute!!!!

  2. Thankyou so much......... maybe it's the extreme lack of sleep but I almost cried reading this post because I can soooo relate. lol! Add to the 'what my husband says' list... "I'm sure there is something more constructive you could be doing..... like cleaning" ... :)

  3. Congratulations Leonie on being able to 'go with the flow' patiently and quietly - waiting for the moment to show the world (when you open your gallery!!) Enjoy every fleeting moment you get to spend creating special things! And if that means I have to look after your son to give you more time, that's great with me! Love from your Mum!!!

  4. Oh, what a lovely comment from your mum!
    Lovely interview and I believe it is really important to sustain our souls as well as make some money in the process.

  5. Awww... thanks mum! That means a lot to me :)

  6. Hi Noni,

    Thanks for again sharing with the world your wonderful talent and soul! You are the most creative and colourful person I know-you have always been able to make beauty out of ordinary things.

    You really do inspire me with your ability to keep your children, husband and house happy and now, finally, you're taking time to look after yourself. You deserve all the happiness the world can offer you my friend.

    Please don't ever stop making the world pretty and damn any negative comments the get slung your way!

    All my love and hugs and glitter,



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