Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bella Stationery Studio Xmas Gift Guide – For Santa and his Reindeers

Guest Blogger - Bella Stationery Studio

Every year on Christmas Eve my three younger sisters and I would leave a plate of food out for Santa, and some carrots and fresh water for his reindeers. Santa was always treated to a slice of Mum’s homemade fruit cake, some shortbread or gingerbread cookies and of course an ice cold beer.

On Christmas morning after opening our presents we would run outside to find a half eaten carrot and, depending on how hungry Santa was the night before, a few crumbs left on his plate.

Here is a selection of beautiful handmade treats that you might like to leave out for Santa and his reindeers.

Click the photos below to visit the madeit items.


  1. Wonderful finds and a lovely theme! Thank you for including my Christmas bowl. :)

  2. Thanks for including my cakepops .. you truly have taste


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